INDEX - League of Kalimdor II

League of Kalimdor II is one of the most entertaining and great AoS mods for Warcraft III, that was ever created. Using the same system similar to the one of DotA and any other AoS, in LoK II there are 2 teams consisting of 5 players each that use powerful and various heroes to battle and succeed in destroying the enemy's principal structure (The Summoner). With a lot of unique and innovative items, each hero can become stronger and improve its spells by buying the right items. The graphics of this AoS will totally impress you. For sure, you never experienced such graphic in Warcraft 3 before or in any other AoS of the game. There are currently 118 heroes, all pick mode. For singleplayer testing, LoK II offers a decent AI system to fight against, and train your abilities with a particular hero. To play online, you need the patch 1.27b or another one higher. We usually play on Eurobattlenet.