1. -TANKS (Mainly heroes that are based on Inner Power affiliation or some particular ones that are capable of sustaining a lot of incoming damage battle due to the supportive spells they possess.)

  2. -ASSASSINS/CARRIES (Heroes that are mostly based on Speed Burst affiliation, able to gain greater amounts of attack speed power that most of the other heroes, while their armor is also always higher.)

  3. -SPELLCASTERS (Obviously, the heroes which are based on Magical Power affiliation, their incredible amount of mana and power in magic are the factors that allow them to be aggressive even from the start of the match. Their strong disrupting, stunning and slowing spells are quietly useful if combined with the attacks of a nearby allied TANK or CARRY hero.)

  4. -SUPPORTS (The remaining heroes based on Magical Power whose main role is to support their team and help their allies to farm and take down the enemy heroes. They are also very fragile, so buying items that increase current HP or Inner Power are a great choice for them in order to survive.)

  5. -DURABLE (Some of the Inner Power heroes whose spells allow them to resist against great amounts of both physical and magical damage, giving them the possibility to be greatly effective for lane-pushing and defending.)