• 100 years ago, two warrior brothers found a secret cave into the sacred lands of Kalimdor. With each passing day, they dig into the cave until they found an abandoned city into the core of the land.

  • The city was emitting a powerful magical aura which made the two brothers to become stronger, smarter, but the energy was so powerful that it led them to an evil path forever! In the next seconds, both of them thought that the best for them to survive , was to use their new acquired power and knowledge to build up the abandoned city from its ruins, constructing a new one.

  • After 2 weeks of endless work, the city was finally reestablished. Glowing of pure magic and massivity, the city had everything they need. From food to highly advanced schools of combat arts and wizardry, everyone could become a very known warrior or wizard.

  • Two sacred sanctuaries were the pillars of the city, that maintained its magical power flowing through it, until the day the two brothers started to fight against each other due to only one reason, ultimate power and control. So they invited various champions throughout the whole world and dimension to fight for them.

  • Since each of those champions was amazed by the great magical power gained and the highly paid work, none of them refused. In these times, the city is still a battlefield where different heroes with different goals fight to stand their own desires.